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Are you considering purchasing a piece of property?

If you are considering purchasing a new home or are managing a community water supply, well system inspections and well yield tests are critical elements of the transaction.


These services provide valuable information about the efficiency and dependability of the well system that is in place so any existing issues can be addressed prior to the completion of the transaction.


Put your confidence in the over 68 years of experience behind our family-owned company to provide prompt, efficient, and accurate testing services so you can make informed decisions about your well system.


Our tests will also show:

  • The reserve amount sitting in the well

  • If the buyers would have to stretch the time between running water: showers, laundry, car washing and dish washer


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Learn more about inspections and testing

What do well inspections and tests evaluate?

These tests are designed to determine the dependability, performance, and lasting ability to stay within the guidelines of its function. Yield tests are timed tests used to determine how many gallon of water a well system is able to produce per minute. This indicates the functioning of the well pump and pressure tank, if the well is running dry, and if you may need to space usage of water.


Are these tests regulated?

Well system inspections and yield tests are regulated by the State of Connecticut to ensure quality, accuracy, and integrity. You can feel confident knowing we follow all guidelines and regulations with all inspection and testing procedures performed.


How much do inspections and testing cost?

The cost for your well system inspection and yield test will depend on a variety of factors, including the complexity of the system and the extent of the inspection needed. Get in touch with us for a FREE estimate and mention this site to receive a 10% DISCOUNT on your services.

Ensure your well is operating at peak performance.

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